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Modular Cold Storage


Application: Suitable for supermarkets, convenience stores, hotel kitchens, etc., for vegetables, fruits,

Frozen storage of daily preparations, beverages or frozen meat, fish, etc.


(1) Modular design of cold storage, high degree of universality of products.

(2) This series of product specifications have more than 64 models, customers can choose the right specifications according to the size of the space.

(3) The electronic control system of the refrigeration system of the product is all produced in the factory, saving the time required for on-site welding, pressure leak detection, evacuation and fluorine filling, greatly speeding up the installation speed, reducing labor intensity, reducing the risk of leakage, improving system reliability, and meeting the needs of users out of the box.

(4) The product has novel appearance and unique shape.

(5) The selection of high-performance compressors, so that the energy efficiency is most prominent.

(6) Adopt environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A

(7) Using high-precision CAREL controller, precise control of food temperature, to ensure the quality of food storage.

(8) The use of cold storage special LED lights, energy saving effect is outstanding.

(9) Humanized design, considering the user's convenience, the library is equipped with standard storage shelves.

(10) According to the use environment of the customer site, the external water-cooled condenser scheme is specially designed. Can be selected according to demand.

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