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(1) Air curtain cabinet adopts double air curtain structure design to ensure the stability of the temperature in the cabinet, and at the same time, high efficiency and energy saving.

(2) The use of high efficiency evaporator, by increasing the evaporation temperature, improve the heat exchange, to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving.

(3) The whole refrigerated display cabinet, light and simple design, with well-known brand compressor unit, plug and play, can be used in multiple sets.

(4) The front height is low, the opening surface is large, and the food display effect is improved as much as possible.

(5) The perfect combination of the inclined backplane and the stepped laminate, the display effect is better, while not affecting the storage of goods.

(6) The depth of the freezer is small in the convenience store and other expensive places, as far as possible to reduce the floor area.

(7) All glass lamination, enhance the overall permeability, so that the goods get a full range of display, optional pull shelf design, convenient store staff replenishment, improve efficiency; The shelf tilt Angle is adjustable, and the product display is more flexible.

(8) The top of the air curtain cabinet is a light box, which is convenient for customers to do advertising display.

(9) The top of the air curtain cabinet is equipped with LED lights. Shelf lamp can be selected according to customer's requirements.

(10) According to customer requirements, high efficiency and energy saving fans can be used.

(11) The use of new ultra-wide edge of high-quality night curtains, optional night curtains.



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